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Holy Ray Reiki & Seichem Training 


What is Holy Ray Reiki & Seichem?


In Dec 2019 Aldo visited the sacred site of Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, Japan (the birth place of Reiki) during his time in meditation there he received a specific energetic upgrade. At first, he didn’t understand exactly what had happened but after noticed a shift in his healing practice and the energy. The reiki seemed brighter and purer in its essence and flowed more deeply.


After continuing to practice for some years the upgraded and enhanced form of reiki was birthed. In early 2022 he received the message from his guides he was now channeling a Holy Ray Reiki energy system. The Holy Ray Reiki holds the original energy in the universe and helps us feel more connected divinity. Holy/Enhanced Reiki has the qualities of purity, clarity and acts to awaken the codes of wholeness


The healing workshops teach us how to rebalance and heal the Human Energy System with the Holy Ray and Egyptian Healing. The Holy Ray and Seichem comes from Atlantean times and is passed onto students with initiations or attunements. The initiations will allow the physical body to channel the Universal Energy of Holy Ray Seichem Reiki, aiming for maximising the natural healing skills, psychic abilities and intuition for achieving highest healing results. 

Holy Ray & Seichim is the modern day version of an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of early Egyptian times. The ancient Egyptian meaning of Seichem related to the state of consciousness equivalent to the all-knowingness of the first three days of the Afterlife which the Tibetans called the “Bardo” and the ancient Egyptians called the “Seichem”. 



- HOLY RAY & Seichem is a natural complementary energy healing therapy that balances mood swings and improves emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

- HOLY RAY &Seichem brings harmony, balance and peace to all aspects of life. 

- HOLY RAY &Seichem reconnects your soul and spirit with the wisdom of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis in a gradual spiritual growing process in your life.

- HOLY RAY & Seichem allows you to find, re-direct or realign your current life with your true soul purpose.

- It assists in the healing of fears and traumas from past experiences in this life or others.

- It helps in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies 

- HOLY RAY & Seichem helps to develop spirituality and open our spiritual abilities to see, feel and manipulate energy 

- It Increases our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present. 

- HOLY RAY & Seichem increases the awareness of who we are and about our relationships. 

- It accelerates the infinite process of spiritual development and enlightenment

- When combined with other energy healing modalities (such as Reiki, Acupuncture or Massage), HOLY RAY & Seichem increases the energy vibration and boost the healing outcomes.

-IF you have had previous Reiki Seichem Training and wish to be re-attuned 15% off the reiki seminar training is available (you must send copies of your certification and who you training with and when).


- Holy RAY Reiki & Seichem level 1 @ 245 pounds by bank transfer -2.5 hrs


pre-requisites: NONE

Recommended: Light Activation

In level 1 you be attuned to reiki and the 4 elemental seichem healing rays. You will be able to flow

the healing energy and provide this to friends, family, pets and plants.


- Holy RAY Reiki and Seichem level 2 

@275 pounds by bank transfer (Paypal -285 pounds) - 2.5 hrs

In level 2 you will learn specific keys to direct and access the healing energy. You will be able to provide in person healings professionally upon level 2 course completion. 



-Reiki Seichem level 1 Training with Aldo

Light Activation (top up & maintenance -if you haven't had an activation within 3 months)

-Energy maintenance class

-Universal Wisdom Course

Psychic Protection level 1

-Reiki Seichem Healing Session 80min

-Aura Healing Session 80min x2

-Emotional Healing 80mins x3 


- Holy RAY Reiki and Seichem level 3 (learn to do distant healing, fix bad habits and transmute energy)

@480 pounds by bank transfer - 3-3.5 hrs

In level 3 you will learn to send healing energy remotely to your client , work with violet flame of transmutation and transform negative mindsets and habits.


-Reiki Seichem level 1 & 2 Training with Aldo

Light Activation (top up & maintenance -if you haven't had an activation within 3 months)

-St. Germain - Violet Flame healing/ancestral karma release x3 

-Melchizedek Healing Series

-Holy Ray Reiki 

-Holy RAY Reiki & Seichem Master Practitioner

@750 pounds - 3.5 hrs 

You will be attuned to master practitioner level after completing this training you will given the keys to this system of healing and spirit enrichment that is Holy reiki & seichem. 


-Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 Training with Aldo

-Melchizedek Light Activation

(or top up & maintenance -if you received the Melchizedek Activation more that 3 months ago)

-Psychic Protection level 2

-Psychic Awakening Course

-Initiation into Lineage of Melchizedek

-Melchizedek Ascension Healing

-Past life regression detox 110mins x2

-Initiates Advanced Healers Training Program levels 1-4

-Holy RAY Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher Training 

@1500 pounds -7hrs

Booking, Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy
– within 48h, 50%, and within 24h 100% cancelation and rescheduling charge will be applied. Please let us know by email as soon as you find out if you have to change your booking date.

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