Mental & Emotional Quantum Healing


We have accumulated negative energetic charge within us at the conscious and unconscious level. It is important that we are clean and clear in our energy, mind and emotion. This session will work deeply on your emotional, mental, physical and energetic aspects. In order to raise our vibration two main elements are necessary; detoxing and transformation. This healing modality is highly recommended to  release blocked emotions/limiting mind sets and reconstruct your mind/emotional state.

This session includes:

- NLP and counselling to support you to tune into yourself

-emotional healing and energetic quantum release

-coaching to identify what is going on within you

-crystal healing, reiki & negative emotional cord cutting

-support to reprogram your emotional state and mind set

Available remotely or as a face to face session

★ Mental & Emotional Quantum Healing -Standard Session: 85mins at £145

The session is tailored for you and can work on areas such as relationships, money, career, business development, health, divorce and separation, spiritual development and more.

★Mental & Emotional Quantum Healing & Past Life Regression Release  -110mins at £190
As well as focusing on this time line (standard session) this modality combines past life karma release. Often in one session multiple times lines are cleared. Move to the next level, heal and supports you to make a change.