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The Melchizedek Healing Series



Pre-requisite: Holy Light Infusion 

-A series of 10 sessions done over the space of 2-3 months

During the course of the 10 session series your energy system is completely cleared and upgraded. This series does more than heal; it anchors the Nova Prototype ("New" Man). The "Nova" Man prototype qualities include group consciousness, high intelligence, intuition, telepathy and compassion. The Nova root race is developing and awakening steadily now on the planet.


The sessions are performed 1-2 weeks apart. Following the series, people often report feel lighter, more confident, stronger and happier in themselves. 

The 10 ceremonial healings all include
powerful clearings, the main healing, cord-cutting and light activation top up to awaken the "Nova" Man/l'uomo dio (God Man) Lightbody.


1, 9th/10th Dimensional Galactic Transmission & Healing

Receive the high vibrational 9th/10th dimensional Galactic "Light" to release the blockages holding you back from your spiritual progression. This healing reconnects you to the frequency of the universe and realigns you to your multidimensionality.

2, Chakra Transmutation & Galactic Activation

During the galactic activation and chakra transmutation your mind, chakras and emotional bodies will be cleansed of anything that is blocking your path.

3, Melchizedek Ceremonial Healing

The ceremonial healing calls upon the priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek and the Fathers of Abraham to rebirth your astral, etheric, celestial, and ketheric template. The healing works to balance the physical body with the soul. You will regain your "Power" after receiving the Melchizedek rebirth ceremony.

4, Rebirthing Ceremonial Healing

Your energy is rebirthed through out your body to support you to take command of your physicality and experience abundance and more joy.

5, Sound Healing

Working with theAngelic kingdom; sacred sounds are awakened into your 7 energy bodies to clear imbalances and polish up your vibration to be in flow with the will of GOD.

6, Egyptian Auric Cleansing

Calling upon the Egyptian Sun God RA; all seven layers of your aura will be cleansed and injected with cosmic codes for your life transformation.

7, Atlantean Purification

The Atlantean purification works with ancient accession technologies working with crystal gridding to purify seal and protect each of your chakras and the three fields of your energy body.

8, Ceremonial Cleansing

The psychic cleansing ceremony calls upon the "Christ-Light" and calls on the Ascended Masters Jesus and Mary. This clearing works on your occipital ridge and spine to fully infuse your system with the light and flush out any trauma, psychic attacks and/or negative vibrations that may be attaching itself to you. 

9, Chromium Flame Healing

Purify and detox all the evils; jealousy, upset emotions and angers that is at the root of your negative energy. The Chromium Flame healing will make ones dull scenery of the world clear. This empowering session infuses healing light to the core of your being and facilitates you to operate at your optimum level.  

10, Final Session

-Repeat a healing session of your choice or receive a personally recommended or tailored one. 


Session Package: 10 x 80mins sessions (to be performed over the time span of 2-3 months) 2250 pounds


> Optional Payment plan; it can be divided into three payments of 750 pounds


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