Energy Maintenance - Class 1

learn how to manage, balance, understand and protect your energy. This class is idea for those who work with people or under stress and wish to learn how to self heal for their own maintenance. 

“We suffer not from the events in our lives but from our judgement about them.” ― Epictetus

-Class 1 level 1

In this class you will learn how to clear, scan and protect your energy field. You will learn how to manage your emotions and energy. You will also learn how to protect your energy and maintain your energy in a healthy way. You will also be able to better understand the outside world and your connection to it. Without energetic protection and tools everyday things can affect us. 

Learn to release the accumulated energies as a self maintenance. This class will teach you how to work and heal your own energy. Your stress level will be reduced and you will be able to get connected with your inner peace.


The energy maintenance class and tools work as a spiritual shower to clean up your energy field for your regular use. 

Class outline:

- learn essential tools to clear you energy field

- self healing techniques that focus on the relationship with yourself and the outside world.

-locate and scan energetic and emotional blocks and issues in your “auric” field.

- release negative energies and emotions and heal yourself both energetically and mentally

Benefits include:

- maintain your energetic, mental and emotional health

-reduce stress, anger, and improve relaxation

– be less influenced by external forces and events

- be able to heal yourself and gain peace of mind

Class 1 Energy Maintenance

-180pounds (120mins)