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Holy Ray/Enhanced Reiki

What is Holy Enhanced Ray Reiki?


In Dec 2019 Aldo visited the sacred site of Mt. Kurama in Kyoto, Japan (the birth place of Reiki) during his time in meditation there he received a specific energetic upgrade. At first, he didn’t understand exactly what had happened but after noticed a shift in his healing practice and the energy. The reiki seemed brighter and purer in its essence and flowed more deeply.


After continuing to practice for some years the upgraded and enhanced form of reiki was birthed. In early 2022 he received the message from his guides he was now channeling a Holy Ray Reiki energy system. The Holy Ray Reiki holds the original energy in the universe and helps us feel more connected divinity. Holy/Enhanced Reiki has the qualities of purity, clarity and acts to awaken the codes of wholeness.

The healing is done in three 1hr sessions 
-Each session is 190 pounds conducted weekly/biweekly
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