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Psychic Awakening

Psychic Development 1-2-1 Training - (90-100 min class x 3)

@ 715 pounds bank transfer (or Paypal @ 740 pounds)

Pre- requisites:

-Energy maintenance class

-Psychic Protection class


This 3 part training course is designed to support you to build a basic foundation to become connected and experience the spiritual world and awaken your psychic senses.

Expected Benefits include:

-Experience the psychic and spiritual world

- Learn to open up your psychic senses, meditate and have contact with your spirit guide(s)


- ​Awaken and expand your psychic ability; psychic seeing, hearing and feeling


This Workshop series consists of three separate classes spread over a period 2-3 months. 

~Class 1: Psychic and energetic connection with the higher realms

~Class 2: Exploring the spiritual world and developing your 6th sense

~Class 3: Spirit Guide connection

-If required additional follow up sessions can be arranged; 85min at 85pounds /110mins pounds at 100 pounds

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