1, Reiki Seichem - Egyptian Reiki Training
The healing workshops teach us how to rebalance and heal the Human Energy System with the Egyptian Sekhem Healing. The Sekhem/Seichim comes from Atlantean times and is passed onto students with initiations or attunements by a Sekhem Master with a teaching lineage. The initiations will allow the physical body to channel the Universal Energy of Sekhem, aiming for maximising the natural healing skills, psychic abilities and intuition for achieving highest healing results. 
Seichim/Sekhem is the modern day version of an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of early Egyptian times. The ancient Egyptian meaning of Sekhem related to the state of consciousness equivalent to the all-knowingness of the first three days of the Afterlife which the Tibetans called the “Bardo” and the ancient Egyptians called the “Sekhem”. 

- Seichem is a natural complementary energy healing therapy that balances mood swings and improves emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety and chronic pain.
- Seichem brings harmony, balance and peace to all aspects of life. 
- Seichem reconnects your soul and spirit with the wisdom of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis in a gradual spiritual growing process in your life.
- Seichem allows you to find, re-direct or realign your current life with your true soul purpose.
- It assists in the healing of fears and traumas from past experiences in this life or others.
- It helps in manifesting our goals and healing our bodies 
- Seichem helps to develop spirituality and open our spiritual abilities to see, feel and manipulate energy 
- It Increases our feeling of aliveness by bringing us more fully into the present. 
- Seichem increases the awareness of who we are and about our relationships. 
- It accelerates the infinite process of spiritual development and enlightenment
- When combined with other energy healing modalities (such as Reiki, Acupuncture or Massage), Sekhem increases the energy vibration and boost the healing outcomes.

- REIKI SEICHEM level 1 @ 140 pounds by bank transfer (Paypal -152.50pounds) - 3hrs

pre-requisites: NONE

~Reiki Seichem Healing session and St. Germain - Violet Flame healing is recommended

- REIKI SEICHEM level 2 and Violet Flame Attunement
@ 200 pounds by bank transfer (Paypal -219 pounds) - 7hrs

-Energy maintenance class
-Energetic Trauma Release Healing 1-3
-St. Germain - Violet Flame healing/karma release

(includes Initiation into the Ancient Order of Melchizedek)
@444 pounds by bank transfer (Paypal -464pounds)

- AK Transformational Healing & Energy Balancing
-Goddess Isis Empowerment
-Melchizedek Protection session and Transformational tools 

Pre- requisite: NONE 

Psychic Development 1-2-1 Training - (2-2.5hrs class) @ 280 pounds (Paypal 395pounds) -Online or In person

Build the foundational knowledge and skills to establish, strengthen and fine tune your psychic ability. Awaken and expand your psychic ability and become connected with your higher-self. This Workshop series consists of three separate classes spread over a period 2-3months. 


3, Tarot Master Class

 1 day intensive/ or divided into two parts
@350pounds by bank transfer ( Paypal -370 pounds)
Pre- requisite: NONE 

Explore the ancient art of the Tarot, as we journey through the major and minor arcana. We will delve into the mystery of the Tarot. Tarot Card can be traced back to the time of Ancient Egypt, used as a key to the soul, a portal for magic and insights. Energetically connect to the 22 pathways of the major secrets, explore your life path and year cycle, along with insight into other people in your life and how you connect with them. In this one day intensive we will bring the Tarots wisdom to life, whether you are new to card reading, or want expand your awareness and skill set. Learn how to let the cards talk to you, which in turn will support your connection to the universe. This is an introductory course, with a twist, throw away the books, and explore the subconscious rhythms of Tarot.  - Course includes a limited edition signed self published Tarot deck.
Image by Viva Luna Studios