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Ascension Program
“GOD became man so that man could become GOD”

The Ascension program supports you to transmute energies, unlock dormant gifts and truly live a life of joy. 

According to the Western esoteric tradition; everybody has a true will/path in life. The goal of the spiritual journey is to discover your divinity, become ascended and live life "ALIVE". 

Working with the secret teachings of Kabbalah, the Angelic Realm & Ascended Masters of Light you will be guided to command and transform your physicality, increase abundance & fulfil your spiritual potential.


- raise your self esteem and quality of life
- access your subconscious to transform your unconscious mind 
- Live in alignment with your True Will and Divine Identity
-Strengthen your connection with the universe
-Develop your psychic senses and manifesting ability 
-Ascend to more joy, passion and purpose


Prepare to embark on a powerful journey of shedding, allowing you to receive complete fullness in your life creation process. This is an ancient and proven method of transformation that accelerates personal progression.

Course Duration: 3 Months (12x 2.5hr weekly sessions)
Investment: 1800 pounds
Light Activation 
Initiation into the order of Melchizedek
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