Tarot Master Class Level 1@250pounds by bank transfer ( Paypal -270 pounds)
Pre- requisite: NONE 
Explore the ancient art of the Tarot, as we journey through the major and minor arcana. We will delve into the mystery of the Tarot. Tarot Card can be traced back to the time of Ancient Egypt, used as a key to the soul, a portal for magic and insights. Energetically connect to the 22 pathways of the major secrets, explore your life path and year cycle, along with insight into other people in your life and how you connect with them. In this one day intensive we will bring the Tarots wisdom to life, whether you are new to card reading, or want expand your awareness and skill set. Learn how to let the cards talk to you, which in turn will support your connection to the universe. This is an introductory course, with a twist, throw away the books, and explore the subconscious rhythms of Tarot.