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                                School of the Tarot


-Level : Tarot Initiate Program

7 hrs day training or 3.5 hrs x2 classes 

@685 pounds (includes 2x 80min follow ups)

Pre- requisite: NONE 

The word Tarot translated means “Book of Life” also stemming from “ROTA” meaning “wheel”.

“Torah” meaning “laws of the universe” ”Orat/e” meaning to speak out & “Thoth” Egyptian god of writing, medicine & magic. Explore the ancient art of the Tarot, as we delve into the mystery of the Tarot. Tarot Cards can be traced back to the time of Ancient Egypt, used as a key to the soul, a portal for magic and insight.

In level 1 training you will energetically connect to the 22 pathways of the major secrets and bring the the wisdom to life. Whether you are new to card reading, want to expand your awareness and skill set or feel called to the training then this is for you.

​-Course completion within 6-8 month

-Level 2: Tarot Adept Program
7hrs class or 3.5 hrs x2 classes @745 pounds 
(includes 2x 80min follow up)
Unlock the major and minor mysteries of the tarot to support you to establish and strengthen your connection to divinity, astrology, numerology, gods / goddess and divine archetypes of the Universe.
-Tarot Master Class level 1 
-Light Activation
-Energy Maintenance Class
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