Personal Development

- Energetic Hygiene & Maintenance Class

learn how to maintain, understand and protect your energy. This class is idea for those who work with people or are under stress and wish to learn how to balance energy for their own maintenance.  click here for further info

- Unleash Your Divine Identity Online Workshop Series

The workshops offer you the step-by-step energetic work to release debilitating programming and limiting beliefs so you can attain a happy &healthy condition and embody your divine Identity. 

-Click here for further details

- Private 1-2-1 Spiritual Development 

Learn spiritual wisdom such as numerology, meditation, tarot, astrology, Qabalah, manifesting, Candle magick etc. The contents can be tailored to your personal requirements, enabling you to further your knowledge, manage your emotions, thoughts and energies, recover your motivation and find practical vehicles for manifesting your Goals and Visions.                         

 - 80 mins at £90 by bank transfer (95 by Paypal) each

 - 3 session course: 80mins x 3 @ £250 by bank transfer 

- 7 session course: 80mins x 7 @ £555 by bank transfer

- Mind Revolution Series

The mind revolution session series will teach you the universal principles and the wisdoms of the universe. You will learn the laws of the universe to support you to live your life as you want with more fulfilment and a solid foundation. You will be able to review your lifestyle, psychology, your subconscious, emotional and mental patterns to transform your life for the better.  


Each 80min mind revolution session includes a 15-20min consultation.

If you want to work on your patterns, make changes and generate results; the 7 session course is recommended. 


-80mins session @ £90 by bank transfer (by Paypal £95) each

-7 session course 80min x 7 sessions @ 565 pounds by bank transfer 

-Melchizedek Protection and Transformation Session

You will be supported as a first step to transform your life, in order to create your Heaven on Earth. Since we humans are both spiritual and physical, we need to take care of our physical body, but also need to take care of our spiritual energy. This session will be dealing with the energetic side, you will learn how to clear and protect your energy and transform your consciousness.

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-Talking therapy / Coaching session

A talking therapy-coaching session will support you to get clarification, vent fears/concerns and find your own answers. What do you want? what do you desire for the future? how to make a change etc.

-25mins - 23 pounds (can be added to a therapy)

-50mins 50pounds

IMPORTANT  - IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK A FACE TO FACE SESSION, - It is recommended to book an online session, if it is available. We will only book a face to face session if its online version is not available, i.e reiki training and tarot courses.


- Therapy centres have more strict rules, so please make sure you have NO symptoms, No coughing, and are not contracted with Corona, otherwise you may not be able to get into the buildings. It may be best if you could take a free home-Covid test which is available from NHS before you come to a face to face session. Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Terms and Conditions:

- Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Psychic readings and channellings may not give you the results or the answers that you seek. What you do with the guidance is your responsibility. If you are seeking Legal, Financial, Health or Fertility advice then the appropriate professionals should be consulted. Using these services shows acceptance of these terms and that you are over the age of 18.

- Healing is not a medical surgery or a medical diagnosis, although we do assess  your conditions and support you to alleviate your symptoms. If you have any mental and/or physical illness, please continue to see your doctor and get advice.

– Please pay your fee in advance by bank transfer.

– Within 48-72 hours booking of your preferred appointment a bank transfer cannot be confirmed in time, you will be requested to pay by Paypal with additional Paypal charge (typically it is about 5-6 pounds)

– Please make a payment by the requested due date or within 24-48h of your appointment confirmation to secure your booking.

– If you prefer to pay by Paypal, Paypal Charge will be applied additionally. Within UK – plus 5.6%, International, 7.7%

Booking, Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy
– within 48h, 50%, and within 24h 100% cancelation and rescheduling charge will be applied. Please let us know by email as soon as you find out if you should change a booking date.