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 Initiation into the Lineage of Melchizedek 


In-person Investment:
6/7 hrs @ 475 pounds

-Light Activation
-Holy Ray Reiki

-Energy Maintenance class
-Universal Wisdom Course

-Psychic Protection level 1

 of Initiation include:
​-Energetic Alignment to the Divine
-Direct contact with the Council of Light
-Divine Protection: Sealed in the Light


Melchizedek is a cosmic being and one of the core members of The High Council of Light. Through initiation you will be supported as a first step to transform your life to create your Heaven on Earth, serve to the humanity and spread the light.  

"Initiation into the lineage of Melchizedek deepens our connection to the "LIGHT" & accelerates progression."
- Aldo, Adept
 Initiate & Lightworker

The lineage of Melchizedek is the highest order of Spiritual teachings available to Humanity. This lineage encompasses all universal, eclectic and Mystery School teachings that have ever been brought through to Humanity. 

The Temple teachings of Light are now being made available to all initiates of Light. Master Melchizedek invites and welcomes you as an Initiate in the High Council of Light.

Terms and conditions:
-Your energy will be assessed before being able to receive this & a 3 week pre-registration required beforehand.

-Please send us your full name and birthday, it will presented in a ritu
al conducted several days prior. 

- This is a sacred ceremony; a long term commitment between you, the esoteric progression training program & the Council of Light. This initiation is therefore not for those who already belong to other occult groups, spiritual schools or organisations.

-After Initiation; there will be a monthly private initiate meeting to support you to enhance your consciousness, send out the light and serve to the humanity.
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