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Astrology & Candle Magick Class

Astrology is a language of meaning and symbolism that supports you to explore both your inner and outer worlds and experiences. 

Initially when exploring astrology we might find our lives being influenced by the stars and that we succumb to the energy of the planets.​ Astrologically there is a huge potential for personal growth and to transcend our personality beyond the life and person that we know ourselves to be.


As we grow and transcend spiritually we often hit a stage of life where we think to ourselves "I don’t want to be here anymore" that’s when we can begin working with the stars in a different way.


In this class we will explore the three levels of working Western Astrology;

-At the first level we explore the concept of the stars impacting us and our external world.


-The second stage of astrological we begin cleansing and purifying the things that no longer serve us. At this stage we work with the astrological influences as a tool to support us to transmute negativities.


- The third level of astrology we begin to command these astrological forces; this is where we can actively utilise the purest qualities of the signs, planets, and stars to actually create in our LIFE.

Benefits Include:

- Have a basic Astrological foundation 

-Learn about the planets

-Explore your Astrological birth chart

-Transcend the personality beyond the person that we know ourselves to be

-Understand the Planet and Elements

-Learn how to cosmic order with the support of Astrology

-Learn to harness and command the Astrological forces

-495pounds (4.5 hours class -online)

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