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Venus/Love Code Activation
In person only

Lady Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, harmony and inner beauty. Goddess Venus empowers and awakens us to embody love. The love code activation includes a light activation and will allow you to receive support from Venus for your relationships and love life.

The love code activation clears blocks to love and fills ones being with an intense sense of love so that you are empowered to love yourself and others.

During the session Lady Venus and her light beings come down and support you to attract romantic partners and/or a life partner along with enhancing your ability to shine your love, beauty and true inner-self to others. 

After receiving this rebirthing ceromonial healing you can directly connect with Lady Venus energetically enabling you to manifest your wishes of the heart.

Special Feb 2024 OFFER
-Standard In person session:
110mins @ 3̶3̶0̶ p̶o̶u̶n̶d̶s̶ -> 280 pounds (total saving of 50pounds if booked in Feb) 

*Includes psychic consultation, heart level transformational healing, rebirthing and clearing blocks to love, soul & love activation. 

-Brief psychic consultation & counselling
-Removal of energetic blocks to love and loving yourself
-Heart level transformational healing & rebirthing
-Goddess Venus connection and energy transmission 
-Love Code & Light Activation 
-Channeled message from Lady Venus

Benefits include;
-Helps you to be complete within yourself and move into a state of love
-Attract love partners/ a life partner/ soul contract mate
-Empower your relationships with more joy and harmony
-Make changes in your life to love yourself more
-Attract new friendships and soul connections
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