Full Moon



⍟21st Aug Full Moon Detox and Manifestation Day@11am-12.15pm (UK time). 

Early bird ticket: 26pounds via Paypal


-anyone can attend, even if you have not meditated before

(This is conducted online by Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world!)


– Clearing negative energies with the energy of the solar eclipse working on many energetic layers and Chakras.

– Set and send out intentions with the energetic support of the Full Moon

– Receive energetic empowerment to evolve your consciousness


-To promote joy and happiness
– Nourish your mind, body and soul
– Release lower vibrations and strengthen the life force energy
– Receive support to restructure your energy and psychology
– Receive the energy of the full moon to set your intentions 

Part 1 – Clearing and Detoxing

  • A brief message from the Higher Dimension

  • Release unwanted energies

  • Energy detox guided meditation


Part 2 – High Vibrational Healing & Empowerment Transmission

  • Restructure you psychologically to create a positive reality and future.

  • Absorb the Full moon energy

  • Activate the manifestation of wishes with support from the full moon and receive the high vibrational healing light transmission – You can sit on a chair or lie down on a bed.  

-ONLINE by Zoom (audio only, without video).


– Please choose a quiet and private location though you can be anywhere.
– After you make a booking and payment from this web page, you will receive a confirmation email and also the instruction and code (Meeting ID) to sign up the event in time on the day.
– If you are more than 10 mins late, you cannot attend the event as we are going to start the meditation.


Booking detail: Early bird ticket @ 26pounds / from 19th Aug @35pounds

Booking deadline: 12hrs before