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"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"- Aristotle

"Through an integrated & holistic approach developed over 15 years; bridging transformational coaching, metaphysics, healing and divination I support you to maximise your potential and awaken your gifts & power"

- Aldo Raffa, Adept Initiate & Light worker


Self development can support us to take actions to live the life we came here to lead. Through bringing in the light we can better understand why things are happening for us, become more enlightened and live a life of joy & abundance.

Sessions include; Life Consultations, Tarot Readings, Light Code Activation, Reiki Healing,  Cord Cutting, Energy Balancing, Psychic Readings and Healing, Aura Healing & more. 

Sessions and Seminars are conducted online or in person in Central London, UK.

Choose from the Menu a session/class you would like or book a Personal assessment to unlock your wisdom today! 


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