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Elemental Balancing Healing Modality Practitioner Training

In this training you will learn more in depth methods of healing and enhance your metaphysical knowledge. In the Elemental balancing modality you will be able to balance others energy to support them to become more grounded, abundant and empowered in their life. 

You will will be able to understand how energy works; be able to flow, balance and heal the energetic field using various technique working with  magnetic, etheric and elemental energetic rays. 


-Ray, Light and Energy

-How to perform a crown chakra activation and cap removal 

-Vibrational Healing (toning)

-Sensing energetic rays

-Elemental balancing alignment and activation -hand down

-Assignments and practice report submission

Please bring your initiate manual 

Fee: 890 pounds

above fee includes:

-6hr seminar training

-additional 2 50min follow up

-one final exam and assessment by month 4/5

-certification once you pass the exam

If you do not pass the first exam, additional exam fee is 100 pounds for 50min

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