★ Energetic Trauma Release Healing 1-3  80min at £145


There are accumulated energetic traumas and wounds stored within the energy field. Regain your power and self-esteem, through dissolving the blockages. Become deeply healed energetically and mentally.

 -It can be completed within 3 sessions.

1st  session – On your physical level including Cord Cutting & Deep Healing

2nd session – On your Mental level- Releasing Blockages

3rd time session – On your Spirit level (BluePrint Alignment)

Treatments includes:
– Counseling
– Energy Scan
 Cord Cutting
– Blueprint Alignment
– Healing energetic wounds and trauma
– Releasing negative emotions.

* If you have any mental illnesses, please let us know in advance in order to give you a better treatment, and please continue to see a doctor.