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Deep Energetic Healing (1-3 sessions)

80min session at £145 each

-Available as a face to face only

There are accumulated energetic traumas and wounds stored within the energy field. Regain your power and self-esteem, through dissolving the blockages. Become deeply healed energetically and mentally. This healing modality can combine various healing methods and offer customised healing to meet your needs. If you are distressed in your relationships and daily communications with others, it is highly recommended.

 -It can be completed within 3 sessions (It is recommended to receive each session weekly/a minimum of 5 days apart).

⭒1st  session 

– On your physical level includes; cord cutting and aura healing

⭒2nd session 

– On your Mental level; energy balancing & etheric healing to release deep seated blockages 

⭒3rd time session 

– On your Spirit level; Soul blueprint alignment and integration

Treatments includes:
– Counseling
– Energy Scan
 Cord Cutting
– Blueprint alignment
– Healing energetic wounds and trauma
– Releasing negative emotions.

* If you have any mental illnesses, please let us know in advance in order to give you a better treatment, and please continue to see a doctor.

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