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Virgin Mary Purification and Protection Session

Ascended Master Virgin Mary is sometimes referred to as the mother of God or the Queen of Angels. The name, Mary, reflects “Ma-ray” or Mother Ray of God’s light. She can help us improve our self care, provide protection and purification on all levels and find compassion.


Virgin Mary has come down with a special message for us;

"You are a child of the God and therefore have the divine right to be powerful.

Let go of the unwanted energies, develop grace and reverence for self and others."

Virgin Mary wishes to offer her support to you through this special remote healing session.

Expected benefits include;

-Clear the deep seated blockages especially those coming from toxic relationships or childhood wounds.

-Soul purification and healing

-Protection on all levels

-Improve your connection to Angels.

- Relaxation and a sense of peace


Ascended Master Virgin Mary Purification & Healing Session:

80 min @£160 by bank transfer

Please make sure to email separately with your full name, birthday, photo and the address/postcode where you will be during the session.

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