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Spiritual Counselling

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A Spiritual counselling involves holistic mind body spirit approach to problem solving. The session enables you to uncover and address imbalances in belief systems that cause conflict.

In a spiritual counselling session your privacy will be protected, you can talk about anything you want and get connected to your emotions. The more your negativity is vented out, the easier it is for you to understand the core of your blockages and gain insight.

This spiritual counselling allows you to express emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, shame, disappointment, feeling rejected and more. You will be supported to explore what you feel and think, and express/vent it.

The aim of this session is to guide you towards living a more authentic life by making conscious choices. 

This session does not give you advice or suggestions, you will be supported to come up with your own ideas which is an essential key to living your life as "YOU".

- Private Session:
Face to face:
50mins @ 80 pounds/ 80min @ 100 pounds

25mins @35pounds

50mins @ 55pounds/ 80min @ 80pounds

– If you wish to add 25 min counselling session to other standard 50 / 80 min sessions, an additional £35 by bank transfer (37pounds by Paypal).

Terms and Conditions
-Please note that this session does not have a psychic reading or channeling. If you prefer to have a psychic reading/channeling please book from here.

– Privacy will be protected.

– Cancelation and Rescheduling fee: 50% of cancellations and changes within 48 hours of your booking will be charged. Please note that a 100% charge will be applied for cancellations and changes within 24 hours. 
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