Remote Online Group Reiki  (Every Wed Night, 20.15-20:45 UK time)

If you are unwell or worried, Usui Reiki works on your mind, emotion and physical body to ease your symptoms.
Under the current pandemic, many of us are plagued with concerns for the future and frustration. In order to reduce all the anxieties and un-wellness, you can utilise the remote group Usui Reiki session. 
If you are suffering from anxiety and/or illness, Reiki can work with mental and physical illness, and reduce stress out of your mental and energy bodies. It is recommended for you to receive it every week or bi-weekly or until you feel more balanced and stable.
- Remote Group Session: 30min £30 via paypal 
*Please note that counselling and feedback are not included. Only Remote Reiki session. If you prefer to have feedback, please book a private session from the Reiki Healing Page
*Time and date: - Every Wed night. UK time, 20:15-20:45 
– Please make sure to email us separately with your real full name, your birthday and the postcode and the city where you will be at the session time, no later than 5 hours before.– If you forget to send this, the energy will be directed to the information on the Paypal payment notice.

*Booking & Payment Deadline: 5 hours before the session time. 

*Payment Method :
– Please make a payment from the Paypal button (no refund)
– Once you make a payment, the booking notice comes through to us. Then you will receive Reiki at the time when the session starts. Please intend to receive Reiki.
– You can do anything you want during the session, please however avoid driving a car and using heavy machinery as you may feel sleepy.