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Fri 22nd Sept (9am UK time) - Autumn Equinox Remote Group Energy Revitalisation 1hr @ 35 pounds

- Remote Group Session: 30min £30 via paypal 
*Time and date: Fri 22nd -9am (UK time)
– Please make sure to email us separately with your real full name, your birthday and the postcode and the city where you will be at the session time, no later than 5 hours before.– If you forget to send this, the energy will be directed to the information on the Paypal payment notice.

*Payment Method :
– Please make a payment from the Paypal button (no refund)
– Once you make a payment, the booking notice comes through to us. Then you will receive remote group healing at the time when the session starts. Please intend to receive.
– You can do anything you want during the session, please however avoid driving a car and using heavy machinery as you may feel sleepy.

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Fri 22nd Sept @9am uk -Special Equinox group remote healing by Holy Ray/enhanced Reiki.


The Holy Ray Reiki holds the original energy in the universe and helps one feel more connected their divinity. Holy/Enhanced Reiki has the qualities of purity, clarity and acts to awaken the codes of wholeness.


-Receive high vibrational Holy Ray Reiki & Cosmic divinity codes

-Detox ready to be released karmas from this life and past life time 

-Releases deep seated blockages to abundance and joy

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