Protection and Transformation Technique Handed down by Master Melchizedek

(Remote session via ZOOM Online)

Master Galactic Melchizedek  is a very wise and powerful being. He is one of the core members of the Galactic Federation and quite mysterious. He is an advanced spirit facilitating the ascension process for our universe creation.
Since the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Dec 2020, his energy has been coming down to the Earth more. He has handed down empowerment tools, to clear your energy, protect against unwanted beings and transform your consciousness.

You will be supported as a first step to transform your life, in order to create your Heaven on Earth. Since we humans are both spiritual and physical, we need to take care of our physical body, but also need to take care of our spiritual energy. This session will be dealing with the energetic side, you will learn how to clear and protect your energy and transform your consciousness.

Many people may believe all the ETs or universal/galactic-beings are good but the reality is that is not the case. You need to be aware there are non-light Galactic -beings out there too. This session includes handed-down techniques to clear, protect and transform your energy and consciousness further.
Melchizedek would like us to use his techniques to also support us through in the challenging pandemic time. However from the physical perspective It means you need to do the necessary physical care such as wearing a face cover, washing your hands, stay home, 2m distancing, etc.
-We are not however guaranteeing you will avoid getting contracted, Corona virus contraction has so many causes coming from the physical aspect, energetic and karmic matter.
Session Outline  (60/70mins total)

– Brief explanation of who Master Melchizedek is
– Master Melchizedek’s Clearing Guided Meditation
– Brief explanation of Sacred Geometry
– You will learn 2 important clearing and protection methods handed down by the Galactic Master Melchizedek, for your daily use. (Simple but very powerful.)

How to attend this session: Zoom online.

Booking and Fee

Private session: 85 pounds for 60min (or by Paypal 90 pounds). Please email 2-3 preferred times.