22nd Sept Autumn Equinox Remote Group Session @ 8pm-9pm

Sep 22nd is the Autumn Equinox day, a power time energetically and the first day of Autumn. It is time for you to receive your harvest you have been working on. On this special day, we are offering a remote group karma release session.

This session will work on restoring your energy and releasing energetic blockages.

We will work on releasing the blockages and unwanted karmas that are ready to be released.

Following the karmic release, your energy will be rebalanced with a specific elemental energetic activation.  After the session it is recommended that you write down what you want to achieve by the end of this year, how you want to achieve it, and an action plan.

Booking and Payment: 83 pounds 


- Supports you to release unwanted Karmas that are ready to be released

- Release negative energy and blockages that are holding you back

- Clear, heal and rebalance your chakras and aura

-Awaken your power through elemental and energetic activation

This is a remote group session, there will be no individual Q&A nor feedback, but you will receive brief group feedback by email after the session.

Terms and Conditions
– Please email your full name, birthday, your post code where you will be at for the session.

 If we don’t receive the info, we will use your information on the Paypal.
‐ You can do anything during the session, it is recommended for you to stay somewhere quiet and private by yourself. Please avoid driving a car or using machinery.
– Since it is a remote session, you don’t have to come and see us or you don’t need to sign up by Zoom or Skype.
– When the session starts, please intend to receive the energy and release whatever you want to release.
– Once the session is finished, please drink plenty of water and sleep well.