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Fi 21nd June  ~ Summer Solstice  Sekhmet Remote Healing Transmission (Group Session)

@ 1.30pm-2.50 pm UK Time

Fri 21st of June is the Summer Solstice, a powerful time energetically. The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of sunlight in the year. At this special time, we are offering a special empowerment and healing from the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. 

The ancient Egyptians believed that Sekhmet had a cure for every problem. Sekhmets name means: “She who is powerful”. Sekhmet was depicted with the body of a woman with a lion head wearing a sun disk. She was seen as the protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. She can be seen as a goddess of strength, protection, healing and empowerment. 


This 80min remote group session will work on empowering your being, restoring your energy and release attachments and energetic blockages.


– Clearing
negative energies from the support of Sekhemet 
– Clearing Your mind, emotions and vibration with the 

– Release attachments, psychic attacks and energetic blockages 
– Activate your solar plexus and personal power
– Receive protection from the Sun Goddess Sekhemet to empower you
– After the session, you will receive a group feedback by email.

Booking and Payment:


-Fee: Fri 21st June @ 1.30pm-2.50 pm UK : 65 pounds  by paypal

This is a remote group session, there will be no individual Q&A nor feedback, but you will receive brief group feedback by email after the session.

Terms and Conditions
– Please email your full name, birthday, your post code where you will be at for the session.

 If we don’t receive the info, we will use your information on the Paypal.
‐ You can do anything during the session, it is recommended for you to stay somewhere quiet and private by yourself. Please avoid driving a car or using machinery.
– Since it is a remote session, you don’t have to come and see us or you don’t need to sign up by Zoom or Skype.
– When the session starts, please intend to receive the energy and release whatever you want to release.
– Once the session is finished, please drink plenty of water and sleep well.

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