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8th Dimensional Galactic/Adam Kadmon Transformational Healing
Face to Face or Remote - 80 min @ 180 pounds by bank transfer/or by Paypal 190 pounds 

-Session includes; counselling, energy balancing, AK transformational healing & feedback

The 8th Dimensional/Adam Kadmon Transformational healing; awakens the light body with the high vibrational galactic light. The 80min session empowers you to step onto your divine path, perform your life purpose and activates your light body. This healing heals the core of your being and helps you to embrace God consciousness and the power to create your life.


In accordance with the mystery school tradition, Adam Kadmon is the "Divine God Human". This session will facilitate your ascension process and support the manifestation of spiritual gifts and psychic ability. 


The 8th Dimensional Galactic/Adam Kadmon transformational healing was handed down by the Galactic Federation of Light to promote God consciousness through activation of the light body.

Benefits include;

1,Supports you to step closer to and embody the Adam Kadmon (Divine God Human)

2,Psychic sense development and raising consciousness

3,Downloads the 8th dimensional galactic light to release blockages holding you back from your spiritual progression

4,Energy supply and light body activation.


Please note:

-This is a very powerful and intensive transformational healing, please take it easy for a couple of days after receiving. Rest well, drink plenty of water, refrain from alcohol and substances for a minimum 5-7 days. 

-Since this transmission has such a high vibration, it is highly recommended for you to have had a couple other healing sessions (ie reiki, cord cutting, aura healing etc.) prior to this within 1-3months. Otherwise, your energetic status might not be high enough and you may get very tired, feel fatigued, dullness or sleepy more than usual, and get symptom like a cold as a detox processing. It is however, entirely up to you should you wish to book this session.